2024 Jan Regular Monthly Meeting ZOOM ONLY

Event Date

Due to a variety of factors the January10th  Regular Monthly Meeting will be Virtual only, on Zoom.  19:00 EST (00:00 January 11 UTC).   A recording may be uploaded to youtube afterward.

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker is Andrea Girones, she will be presenting her astrophotography focusing on Solar and Aurora photography. 

"Sunspots and the Aurora - how to take a picture of them!"


7:00pm Welcome and Announcements - Malcolm Park

Speaker Introduction - MP 
Guest Speaker - Andrea Girones 
Q/A following presentation

5 minute break

What's Up in the Sky - Rick Wagner

Member Image Gallery - Kevin Kell

Solar Glasses and Flat Viewers for April 8th total eclipse. 
How many, and how to get them and what the Centres plans for them are - Kim Hay


RASC Kingston Centre is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.. 
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