1. Distro Astro: Distro Astro is a Linux-based operating system for astronomy. It is packed with many different Astronomy software packages. You can install this in a multi-boot scenario on your computer or even as a virtual machine under the freeware hypervisor VirtualBox.
  2. Brian Hunter mentioned this software to help produce data from an occultation event:
    Limovie Ver.0.9.29b (the latest stable version 0.9.29b): Limovie (Light Measurement tool for Occultation observation using VIdeo rEcorder.) is the tool produced for obtaining quantitative data from occultation observation video. It has been used for the observation of asteroidal occultation with small light drop, double star occultation and grazing occultation with no-instantaneous light change. The Limovie program is available as a free software from this site. And some informations about the result of Limovie analysis are shared.
  3. Another good program is Occult Watcher v3.2
    OccultWatcher is a Windows program that helps astronomical occultation observers to stay tuned with the incoming events by tracking the asteroidal occultation predictions published and regularly updated in various sources called feeds. OccultWatcher searches the feeds you have subscribed for, for events that match your specified distance, star magnitude, event duration and other filter criterias. It allows you to announce your intentions to observe an event to all other observers around the world and helps the cooridnation in a global scale. At the time of the release of verion 3.2 there are more than 400 registered accounts (of people that announce their observing intentions) and more than 1500 known installations. The account registration and usage as well as the OccultWatcher software are absolutely free.
  4. Virtual Moon Atlas:

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