RASC Observing Programs—Part 2: Intermediate Level

These certificate programs are aimed at the intermediate observer; each consists of 110 deep sky objects.

Messier Certificate

The Messier Catalogue was developed in the 1700's by Charles Messier (1730-1817). Messier was a comet hunter working with speculum metal reflectors and small refractors that were the equivalent of a modern 80 - 100 mm reflector. As a result of the limited tools that he had to work with, he could not see the true nature of many of his "faint fuzzies" that are revealed in today's modern instruments. Read more at

Finest NGC Observing Certificate

The Finest NGC list, compiled by Alan Dyer compliments the Messier List as there is no overlap. The list features many fine deep sky treasures as well as a few somewhat more challenging objects. Read more at

Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program

The Moon is by far the most detailed astronomical object to observe through a telescope and this comprehensive program will guide you through a complete tour of our near neighbour's incredible surface. The tour includes many outstanding craters, mountains, valleys, scarps, ridges, and more, not only showing you how they appear, but also describing the history of their formation over four billion years. Read more at

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