RASC-Kingston Center Member Minor Planet List

RASC-Kingston Center Member Minor Planet List (8)

The following RASC-KC members and past members who have had Minor Planets named after them for their contributions to astronomy.

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By Kevin Kell

Minor Planet (3269) Vibert-Douglas

  • (3269) Vibert-Douglas = 1969 RG = 1969 RR1 = 1979 YH1 = 1981 EX16
  • Discovered at Siding Spring on 1981-03-06 by S. J. Bus.
  • Named in memory of Alice Vibert Douglas (1894-1988), the pioneer in the teaching of astronomy at McGill University and later dean of women at Queen's University. Her research interests included spectroscopic absolute magnitudes of stars and the Stark effect in stellar atmospheres. An authority on historical astronomy, she was the biographer of Eddington, as well as an early advocate of an increased role for women in science. She was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. Name suggested and citation prepared by C. J. Cunningham, endorsed by P. M. Millman. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 13481]
  • https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=3269
  • Founder of the RASC Kingston Center 1961

    Minor Planet (3673) Levy

  • (3673) Levy = 1969 ER = 1978 SW5 = 1978 WN = 1985 QS
  • Discovered at Anderson Mesa on 1985-08-22 by E. Bowell.
  • Named in honor of David H. Levy, comet discoverer and observer, recognized for his perseverance in observing comets using both the oldest visual and the newest electronic techniques. Author of several books and articles, he is known for his biographies of astronomers. As an educator Levy has concentrated on bringing observational astronomy to both amateur astronomers and to children, and he has initiated school and camp programs for this purpose. Citation prepared by S. J. Edberg at the request of the discoverer. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 12974]
  • https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=3673
  • Honorary President RASC Kingston Centre

    Minor Planet (5424) Covington

  • (5424) Covington = 1969 OG1 = 1975 EC5 = 1978 EE4 = 1983 TN1 = 1988 CR6
  • Discovered at Anderson Mesa on 1983-10-12 by E. Bowell.
  • Named in honor of Arthur Covington (1913-2001) Canada's first radio astronomer. His discovery, during the partial solar eclipse of 1946 Nov. 23, that microwave emission was far more intense from the vicinity of sunspots than elsewhere on the sun, was the first indicator that magnetic fields were important in the generation of nonthermal cosmic radio emission. In 1947 Covington inaugurated at the National Research Council of Canada daily measurements of the solar microwave flux at 10.7 cm. Name suggested and citation prepared by C. J. Cunningham. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 23541]
  • https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=5424
  • Member RASC Kingston Centre 1986-2001

    (9070) Ensab

  • (9070) Ensab = 1993 OZ2
  • Discovered at Palomar on 1993-07-23 by C. S. Shoemaker and D. H. Levy.
  • Leo Enright (b. 1943) and Denise Sabatini (b. 1950) of Ontario are one of the foremost couples in Canadian amateur astronomy. Leo is an accomplished solar and auroral observer and has written the Beginner's Observing Guide. Denise's interests center on archeoastronomy and in providing access to astronomy for the disabled. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 36947]
  • https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=9070

    Minor Planet (10062) Kimhay

  • (10062) Kimhay = 1988 RV4 = 1997 UY24
  • Discovered at La Silla on 1988-09-01 by H. Debehogne.
  • Kimberley Dawn Hay (b. 1959) is an enthusiastic observer, sunspot and meteor recorder, and sketch artist, who has contributed to the American Meteor Society, AAVSO, American Lunar and Planetary Observers, and the RASC. She has won the RASC Service Award and the RASC Chilton Prize. [Ref: WGSBN Bull. 1, #11, 5]
  • https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=10062
  • Member RASC Kingston Centre 1988-

    Minor Planet (10076) Rogerhill

  • (10076) Rogerhill = 1989 PK = 1993 QQ
  • Discovered at Palomar on 1989-08-09 by E. F. Helin.
  • Roger Hill (b. 1955) has been a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Hamilton Centre, for decades and served on the Board for most of that time, including as President. He edited the monthly newsletter Orbit for decades and has been involved with a plethora of outreach activities, including a course for new observers in visual astronomy. [Ref: WGSBN Bull. 1, #11, 6]
  • https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=10076
  • Member RASC Kingston Centre 2020-

    Minor Planet (22426) Mikehanes

  • (22426) Mikehanes = 1992 JF1 = 1996 AH9
  • Discovered at Kitt Peak on 1996-01-13 by Spacewatch.
  • Michael Francis Hanes (b. 1959) was a pilot for Air Canada, an amateur astronomer and telescope maker with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, London Centre. Name suggested by R. and P. Jedicke. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 103968]
  • https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=22426
  • Member RASC Kingston Centre

    Minor Planet (10065) Greglisk

  • (10065) Greglisk = 1988 XK = 1953 XL = 1978 WJ15 = 1990 HS3
  • Discovered at Gekko on 1988-12-03 by Y. Oshima.
  • Greg Lisk (b. 1963) has served as president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Belleville Centre, where he organized field trips, designed award programs, judged local science fair entries, prepared displays, arranged star parties and gave presentations at outreach events, both indoor and outdoor. He won the RASC Service Award in 2014. [Ref: WGSBN Bull. 1, #11, 5]
  • https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=10065 Member RASC Kingston Centre -2003

    Kevin Fetter Minor Planet 2005 XZ7 discovery. Kingston Center member. https://www.minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=2005%20XZ7

  • https://spacewatch.lpl.arizona.edu/mpec/2005
    MPEC 2005-X39. Descour, A. S., K. R. Fetter, and T. H. Bressi. 2005. Discovery and Followup Observations of Small, Fast-moving Aten Asteroid 2005 XZ7. In MPEC 2005-X39.
  • David H. Levy Minor Planet discoveries: 65


    Minor Planets with Links to the Kingston Ontario Region, Queen's University and Royal Military College (4)

  • (5272) Dickinson = 1971 OZ = 1971 QG2 = 1981 QH2 Discovered at Anderson Mesa on 1981-08-30 by E. Bowell. (5272) Dickinson = 1981 QH2 Named in honor of Terence Dickinson (1943- ), Canada's foremost popularizer of astronomy. Dickinson is the author of several books, notably NightWatch, The Universe and Beyond, Exploring the Sky by Day and Exploring the Night Sky, the last of which received the New York Academy of Sciences Children's Science Book Award in 1988. He reaches a wide Canadian audience every week with his astronomy column in The Toronto Star newspaper and on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programs. From 1973 to 1975 he was editor of Astronomy magazine, and he has held scientific positions with the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, the Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester and the McLaughlin Planetarium in Toronto. Dickinson teaches astronomy at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. Name suggested and citation provided by C. J. Cunningham. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 23138] Orbit type: Main Belt
  • (5457) Queen's = 1980 TW5 = 1988 BL4 Discovered at Palomar on 1980-10-09 by C. S. Shoemaker. (5457) Queen's = 1980 TW5 Named in honor of Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario. Founded by Royal Charter in 1841, its first classes were held the following spring. In more than 150 years Queen's has evolved to become one of Canada's strongest universities in many fields. The home of A. Vibert Douglas, one of Canada's pioneering astronomers, Queen's has had a long tradition of support to professional and amateur astronomical groups. Name proposed and citation prepared by D. H. Levy. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 24917] https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=5457
  • (6115) Martinduncan = 1984 SR2 = 1989 CF8 Discovered at Anderson Mesa on 1984-09-25 by B. A. Skiff. (6115) Martinduncan = 1984 SR2 Named in honor of Martin J. Duncan (b. 1950) of Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. Duncan has made several important contributions to the understanding of the origin and dynamical evolution of small bodies in the solar system, particularly comets and the likelihood that they originated in the Kuiper Belt. He has been involved in the development of two important numerical algorithms that have led to orbital integrations of unprecedented duration. Citation provided by H. Levison. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 27461] https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=6115
  • (273987) Greggwade = 2007 LQ30 = 2008 UO69 Discovered at Mauna Kea on 2007-06-11 by D. D. Balam. (273987) Greggwade = 2007 LQ30 Gregg Wade (b. 1971) is a Canadian astrophysicist recognized as a leading expert in the study of magnetic fields in medium and high-mass early-type stars. He is a professor of physics at the Royal Military College (Kingston) and adjunct professor of physics at Queens University. [Ref: Minor Planet Circ. 85915] https://minorplanetcenter.net/db_search/show_object?object_id=273987



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