FLASF 2021

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The Kingston Centre has long sponsored a prize in the Frontenac Lennox & Addington Science Fair.

This award started out as the FL&A Science Fair Special Award (2008 and before), then became the Leo Enright Memorial Prize (2009-2012), and is now known as the Leo Enright Prize in Astronomy (2013 onwards).

  • Criteria for Award: The Award shall go to a project that relates to Astronomy and Related Sciences as presented at the annual Science Fair held in the Kingston Area.
  • Judging: The Awards Committee can assign a judge from the Committee, or request help from the membership.
  • Prize: $100 cash prize (2015 onwards), plus one copy of the Beginner's Observing Guide (or equivalent)

Are you thinking of entering the FLASF 2021 Science Fair?  (March 22nd-26th)



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