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Due to the COVID19 pandemic, inperson meetings of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Kingston Centre have been cancelled until further notice (since March 2020).In lieu of inperson meetings, we are holding virtual meetings with the aid of the Zoom videoconferencing system.

Members of the RASC-KC will receive an email with the meeting registration link a few days beforehand.  Members of the RASC in general may see this on RASC National social media.

This will also be livestreamed to our Youtube channel (RASC Kingston)

For some people the bandwidth requirements may be much less than a live zoom call, but you will not be able to interact with the meeting as you would in zoom.


  • Introductions & Notes - Kim
  • Laurie Graham (VP) speaking on "A Tale of Two torqued Terrestrial Bodies'
  • Malcolm Park- PHD2's Polar Drift Alignment tool Demo
  • Hank Bartlett - Hank's Sun Spot
  • Rick Wagner- What's up in the Sky?
  • Rick Wagner- Leeside Observatory and the Boltwood Telescope
  • General Q &A
  • Adjourn
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