Careers in Space

This guide is intended as a reference to careers in space and related fields. It is
expansive, but not exhaustive. The future of humanity lies in the exploration and eventual
colonization of space which opens new opportunities with every passing year.

People must develop new technologies and products to serve the growing space
industries. While it is true that astronomers, engineers and astronauts make up the greater
part of the space program, there are many other careers that are related to the study of the
universe. In order to make this a useful reference, the careers are listed in alphabetical
order. Each topic has a description of the job as well as the degree program at a
Canadian university and the necessary high school prerequisites. There is a listing of
Canadian universities with space-related programs and a cross-reference of careers with
the universities which offer appropriate degrees. Only Canadian universities have been
included, but this does not mean that there are no other ways to obtain a career in a
space-related field. Several countries worldwide have respected space programs and
institutions that offer degrees comparable to those listed in this booklet. Many colleges in
Canada and abroad also offer degrees that may lead to a career in the space sciences, but
the careers listed in this guide all require university degrees.

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RASC Kingston Centre
Gagné, Laura
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