Novice Award

  • Criteria for Award: This award goes to the novice astronomer who has demonstrated great interest and enthusiasm in the learning of Astronomy. Has taken Taurus by the horns marking a path in their log book as they venture into the galactic void and beyond. This novice astronomer has realized the" at the eyepiece" enjoyment and educational value of astronomy as a hobby and a science.

This award will consist of a certificate, which will be approved by the Awards Committee and placed online for future years and committee work. It will also comprise of a book to continue with their new found interest in observing. This award is to help promote their observing, and have them continue on.


Richard Weigand

"When the RASC Kingston Centre Executive sees growing enthusiasm in Astronomy in our membership, we like to acknowledge this with an Award. It is called the Novice Award. The Novice award was created in 2005.

This year - 2015 we are proud to present this award to Richard Weigand for his enthusiastic observations of everything Luna, and working towards completing his Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program.

Richard came to the Kingston Centre and has kept us up to date on his voyage of lunar observations of craters , riles and mare and what resources he used to aid him in his quest for capturing the moon with the naked eye and digital photographs."


Rose-Marie Burke

Rose-Marie received a Certificate and a copy of the book "The Cambridge Star Atlas" by Wil Tirion.


Joe Benderavage

Joe received a Certificate and a copy of the book "The Illustrated Atlas of the Universe" by Mark A. Garlick, and Star Maps by Wil Tirion.


David Roeder

David received a Certificate and the book "365 Starry Nights" by Chet Raymo.

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