Banner images: Rosette, Pleiades by Malcolm Park; Fox Fur by Rick Wagner.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Until further notice, all our meetings will be held ONLINE ONLY.
  • All our meetings are free and open to the general public, so log on to our Zoom sessions and enjoy. When you're ready to take the plunge, become a member.
  • Calendar of RASC Online Activities
  • Queen's University Astronomy Research Group Seminar Schedule

News & Other Items

Regulus 2021 Jun

  • President's Tidbits – Kim Hay
  • Skyward for June 2021 – David Levy
  • Graeme Hay’s Astrocross
  • In the Sky This Month – June 2021 – Rick Wagner
  • Minutes of The RASC-KC Regular Monthly Meeting April 2021
  • RASC-KC Solar Cycle 25
  • Monthly Review – Hank Bartlett
  • A Galaxy a Day Images – Stephen Craig

Astronomy on Tap Kingston

Astronomy on Tap: Kingston is back! Our next event will be free and online on Thursday, May 20th at 7:00 pm. We welcome all ages! The event will be streamed on YouTube.  Hosted by the Queens University Observatory Team.

This particular online event (BYOB!) will embrace lasers, star formation, and the peculiar nature of dark matter in the Cosmos.

Regulus 2021 May

  • A Galaxy a Day – Stephen Craig
  • President's Tidbits - Kim Hay
  • In the Sky This Month – May 2021 – Rick Wagner
  • Skyward for May 2021 - David Levy
  • Solar Observing and Imaging, Why? – Hank Bartlett
  • Minutes of The RASC-KC Regular Monthly Meeting March 10th 2021
  • Leeside Observatory Construction – Rick Wagner
  • RASC-KC Solar Cycle 25 Monthly Review – Hank Bartlett
  • A Galaxy a Day Images – Stephen Craig

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