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Zoom tips

Zoom videoconferencing has become the de-facto method of holding remote meeting these days.  The following are some tips and tricks gleaned from months of hosting zoom meetings:
1) restart your computer before the meeting
2) after restart, do not open any other programs besides what you need for the meeting.  If you are a guest, your email and web browser and then the zoom client.  If a presenter, your presentation, your email and web browser and then the zoom client.  Once connected to the zoom meeting itself you can shut down the web browser and the mail client, leaving the most resources for your computer to use on Zoom
3) If you are presenting or interacting with audio, please use at least a set of earbuds/earphones or headset as that will improve your audio quality to others on the call a *lot*.  If you do not, ie you have only speakers and mic in a laptop for instance, there occurs audio feedback, noise cancellation and noise cancellation artefacts, which you may not hear but everyone else on the conference will.  The best solution is a headset with mic.  There are noise cancelling settings that you can adjust in zoom client v5.2.2 and newer (just ask).
4) use a wired network connection preferablly over wifi for better quality and speed
5) disconnect any other users in your location that may be sucking down your needed bandwidth
6) If you are on a low bandwidth network, you may want to consider turning off your own camera. Your outgoing audio will be better for it.
7) keep yourself muted at all times unless you are actually speaking.  Mics pick up all kinds of background noise that you may not even be aware of, that others can hear.
8) During a presentation, speakers appreciate being able to see video of their audience, for feedback on how they are doing.
9) unless otherwise instructed, please hold your questions until the end of the presentation.  The moderator will let you know how.

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