For the Chilton Prize, to RASC members who have found supernovae as part of the Puckett Supernova Search Team, the honourees are:


The Chilton Prize was established in 1977 by the National Council of the Society in remembrance of K.E. Chilton, an active member of the Hamilton Centre. The prize is awarded annually than amateur astronomer resident in Canada in recognition of a significant piece of astronomical work carried out, or published, during the year.


The following is the text of the citation prepared and read by Centre President Walter MacDonald on the occasion of the award presentation (at the October 14th, 1993 Annual meeting?):

Regulus 2021 April edition

  • Skyward for April 2021 - David H. Levy.
  • In the Sky This Month - April 2021 - Rick Wagner
  • Minutes of The RASC-KC Regular Monthly Meeting (via zoom) of Wednesday February 10th 2021
  • Astrotips – Visual
  • Astrotips – Imaging
  • KFLA ScienceFair 2021 – Bruce Elliott
  • Jupiter - 44 Cap Occultation Reappearance - Rick Wagner
  • RASC-KC Solar Cycle 25 Monthly Review – Hank Bartlett
  • Tips for a better zoom experience: - Kevin Kell

A Guide to Smartphone Astrophotography

This book is a how-to guide for doing your own smartphone astrophotography and connecting with the magnificent universe to which we are a part. NASA has a vested interest in encouraging younger students and the public to better appreciate the night sky. For decades we have been involved in public education to connect the public with the many astronomical space missions whose discoveries grace the front pages of our news feeds.

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