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Kevin Kell

The Planets on February 14th

Here is a picture of the Planets on the morning of Feb. 14, 2019. Taken with the Canon Powershot ELPH 120.

Jupiter 20160326-025555

Very good imaging run last night (Friday 2016 March 25) of Jupiter with the 20cm f10 with x2 barlow, asi120mc camera. The run went either side of Jupiter zenith, but the almost full moon was up interfering with transparency. seeing was good, transparency was good but getting worse. Exposure was 33ms, run was 90 seconds. GRS was on the other side of the planet .. again!  It's been months since I've seen it.

Saturn 20150414-075804

Saturn on the morning of Tuesday 2015 April 14th, about 04:00 EDT20cm Meade LX200GPS (FL=2000mm)  and celestron x2 barlow and ZWO ASI 120MC camera.The best 75% of the frames were used for this image.transparency was average, seeing was poor. A storm had swept through a few hours earlier and the air was very humid at 2 deg C. The front corrector plate dewed over fairly quickly.Bad focus and a poor image is directly related to the low altitude at transit (about 26 degrees up) and the bad seeing after the storm…. and maybe the dew on the front glass 

Jupiter 20150408-012432

20cm Meade lx200 FL=2000mm F10Jupiter altitude 60 degrees, apparent size 40.56″exposure: 6ms over 53 seconds and using 50% of 5033 frames to create this image.Jupiter now covers 112 pixels give or takeThe Great Red Spot features prominently in the southern equatorial belt. The planet is rotating from left to right. North is up.

Jupiter 20151104

Jupiter on the morning of Wed 2015 Nov 0420cm meade lx200gps with a celestron x2 barlow (effective f20), 60 second imaging run with exposures of approx 40ms each... and then using only the best 10% of the 1464 frames.


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