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Still looking for Land

Just a reminder that we (RASC-Kingston Centre) are *still* looking for land within an hour of Kingston.  Our intent is to use it as a members observing site, and to build observatory homes for our telescopes.
We routinely monitor and for land sales but perhaps you know of someone who may not be advertising on these sites, that may wish to sell property.
We are looking for 1-2 acres mininum, at least 30 minutes outside of Kingston (to minimize light pollution), on higher ground rather than lower ground (seeing, ground fog, humidity, bugs!), preferably with good horizons, or horizons that can be *fixed* (ie tree cut down and replaced with a low height natural light barrier of smaller trees).
Perfectly dark skies are *not* necessary as they would be so far north that few members would   travel that far (ref: L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area, North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve) to use the facilities.
Land unsuitable for a residential building lot would be fine if there were enough clear spots for several observatory outbuildings and some parking nearby.  Power is *not* required.
We have been in contact with many nature conservancy organizations, but many do not want any amount of development on the properties at all.
Please contact us at if you have any thoughts, ideas or property for sale :)

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