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Starfest 2017 presents “Fire & Ice”

July 20-23, 2017

Disclaimer: Not an RASC-KC event, but the biggest star party in Canada!


From fiery cauldrons to the most inhospitable frozen regions of our universe, Starfest 2017 explores ‘Fire and Ice’. Our keynote speaker, NASA’s ‘Mr. Eclipse’ himself, Fred Espenak, highlights the 2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse. Then, discover ice on Mercury, Mars, and the Moon and see how it can be used to advance human exploration.  Celebrate the success of Cassini with stunning images, unprecedented in detail and its many discoveries that have changed our view of the solar system.  Explore the most promising places in the universe in updates from SETI’s search for extraterrestrial life.  Follow the journey of daring sun-grazing comets.  See incredible images in an awe inspiring tour of the universe.

Conference Registration

A registration fee of $70.00 Cdn (individual rate) or $100.00 Cdn (family rate) is charged to cover the expenses of the conference.   You are urged to pre-register before June 16th. After June 16th, and at the gate, the registration fee will be $80.00 Cdn per person or $110.00 Cdn per family and $40.00 Cdn per dependent child (age 16 - 19).  Registration confirmations will be emailed to you (if your email address is included on the registration form).

In addition, there is a camping or entrance fee which is detailed on the registration form and on the online registration page.


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