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In the Sky This Month -November- by Rick Wagner

In the Sky This Month
All Month - watch Jupiter and Saturn moving closer and closer together, heading to their closest approach in nearly 400 years.
01 Nov - daylight saving time ends at 02:00
05 Nov - South Taurid meteor shower peak - minor shower with lots of interference from the Moon.
08 Nov - last quarter Moon
10 Nov - Mercury at greatest elongation west, mag -0.6 - see it before dawn about 13deg to the lower left of brilliant Venus; best morning apparition of the year.
12 Nov - crescent Moon hangs above Venus and Mercury in the eastern sky before dawn
12 Nov - North Taurid meteor shower peak - minor shower of probably < 10 meteor per hour but known for producing fireballs! For a few hours before dawn.
12 Nov - Jupiter (mag -2.1) just 2/3º north of Pluto (mag 14.4 = 4,000,000 times fainter!) in the evening sky; you’ll need at least a 25cm telescope to see Pluto.
13 Nov - best morning to see a thin Earth-lit crescent Moon forming a triangle with Venus and Mercury low in the ESE sky starting about 1 hour before sunrise.
14 Nov - very old Moon about 17 hours before New Moon; very very low in the ESE about ½ hour before sunrise.
15 Nov - New Moon
17 Nov - Leonid meteor shower peak before dawn; 10-15 extremely fast meteors per hour.
18 & 19 Nov - pretty crescent Moon near Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky.
22 Nov - first quarter Moon
30 Nov - Full Moon - Penumbral eclipse - the Moon will pass through the outer faint portion of the Earth’s shadow - should be visible for about 1 hour either side of 04:30 as a subtle shading across the face of the Moon.

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