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RASC-KC December Banquet

The RASC Kingston Centre December Banquet will be at the Mandarin Restaurant, 1300 Bath Road (Frontenac Mall) on
Wednesday 2017 December 06 at 1830 EST
Pay your own way, the dinner buffet is $32.  It is licenced and we will have our own room.     
Seniors 65+ will receive 20% off the buffet when they show a valid ID.
We hope to have more room amongst ourselves than the more crowded conditions we had last year.
Please RSVP your "yes/aye/affirmative/okaydokay" to: 
sgagnonkcrasc (at)
so we can know when everyone who is expected has arrived on the big night.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 18:30

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