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Centre members receive these publications:

  • Regulus, the centre's newsletter (up to 10 PDF issues per year)
  • Journal of the RASC (6 PDF issues per year)
  • Bulletin of the RASC (12 e-mail/HTML issues per year)
  • Observer's Handbook (1 paper issue per year)
  • SkyNews (6 paper issues per year, Canadian residents only)

Choose starting and ending years.
Regulus, February 2016 Issue
2016 Feb
Regulus, December 2015 Issue
2015 Dec
Regulus, October 2015 Issue
2015 Oct
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2015 Jun
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2015 May
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2015 Apr
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2014 Dec
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2014 Nov
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2014 Oct
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2014 Sep
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2014 Apr
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2014 Feb


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