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Plans for 2021

Happy New Year!
Our plans are to continue with the Wednesday Weekly Social chat for RASCKC members and their guests via Zoom, and our Regular Monthly Meetings on the 2nd Wednesday (usually) of the month, also via zoom videoconferencing.
*TENTATIVELY* and subject to change! are our Regular monthly Meeting Schedule:
Wednesday 2021 January 13th, 19:00 EST- Guest Speaker: Andrew Godefroy (RASCKC) will speak on "Reaching Out:A History of Canadian Space Robotics and the Canadarm Legacy"
Wednesday 2021 February 10th 19:00 EST- Judy Black (President, RASC Halifax Centre) How Observant! An Introduction to Observing
Thursday 2021 March 11th Dave Lane (RASC Halifax Center).  Topic TBA
Wednesday 2021 April 14th: Member presentations
Wednesday 2021 May 12th: Member presentations
Wednesday 2021 June 09th: Member  presentations.
July and August no Regular Monthly Meetings as we are on summer vacation.
September onwards.. we will wait and see how the COVID pandemic processes.  Worst case, we will resume with zoom videoconferences.
**We are always looking submissions for great invited guest speakers.  No, we cannot afford Nobel Laureates but we can give a small honorarium to those who give us some of their time, remotely presenting via zoom.
If you have any suggestions, please send them to us for followup.  Bonus points if you know the proposed speaker and can apply a little pressure to help them say "Yes, I would LOVE to give a presentation to The RASC Kingston Center!"

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