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Outreach volunteers needed!

While there are no regular meetings of the Astronomy Club, we do have many outreach events this summer... and yes.. we need volunteers!
If you are interested in volunteering and haven't already, please contact us via email kingston (at) rasc (dot) ca
Friday 2019 July 12th
the City of Kingston will turn off some lights in front of City Hall on Ontario Street between 22:00 and 23:30. They have asked for our assistance to provide some telescope outreach. This will be much the same as KAON, set up a scope, let people take a look at Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and talk to them.  We do have a few volunteers so far.. thank you!
Saturday 2019 July 13
The KAON (Kingston Astronomy Outreach Network) Queen's University Ellis Hall Observatory  Open House: 
This month's talk will be given by  Guest Speaker: Ben Tam  Title: Probing the Origins of the Universe 
We do have a few volunteers  for the observing deck with telescopes.  Thank you!
Friday 2019 Aug 09
Queens' University Biological Station Elbow Lake is hoping to hold a 'Night Under the Stars' as a public outreach event on Friday Aug 09.  I don't have many details but I'm thinking a couple of short talks, and several scopes to show the Moon (waxing gibbous) right next to Jupiter, M13 and a few other obvious targets.
Volunteers needed!  
Wednesday 2019 August 14  18:45-20:00
Astronomy on Tap is back for it’s third instalment! This time the theme is “Tools for the Cosmos” where we will talk about how astronomers and particle physicists build state-of-the-art equipment to understand the universe better. Come join us for a pint and some science on August 14th at 6:45pm at the Mansion (506 Princess St, Kingston)
Volunteers needed to buys pints, drink pints and support the event in general.  No telescopes required.

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