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The Clear Sky Chart for Kingston, Ontario:
Clear Sky Chart
Clear Outside Alternative Forecast

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Page at a glance Event summary for 2020

  • Until further notice, all our meetings will be held ONLINE ONLY.
  • All our meetings are free and open to the general public, so log on to our Zoom sessions and enjoy.
    When you're ready to take the plunge, become a member.
  • See also the Queen's University Astronomy Research Group Seminar Schedule
Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 19:00 to 21:00
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Kingston astronomy email chat list changed

*Updated 2019Oct18*
The google groups based email list has been established and seems to be working  well.  There have been some glitches with  google and certain members email accounts and automatic subsacription, but we seem to have been able to manually override those issues.
If you are *not* on the kingston-astronomy-chat email list and wish to be, simply send us an email as noted below.
The email server appears to be dead, not recoverable and probably not ever coming back.

David Levy Speaking to RASC Belleville and Kingston Centres

Renowned Comet Hunter David H. Levy will be at Stirling Hall Theatre A on Queen's University campus at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday 2019 September 8 to speak to members of the RASC Belleville Centre and Kingston Centre. This is open to the public and there is no charge for attending.


Dr. David H Levy, Wendee’s Husband

A short bio for a tall man.

Fall'N'Stars 2019

Friday September 27 to Sunday September 29, 2019

**NOTICE** This event has been moved due to circumstances and locked gates beyond our control.  Now approx 20 minutes southeast of Picton in Prince Edward County at Johnson RV Park

Astrophotographers Assemble Sat July 27th



Astrophotographers Assemble
Saturday 2019 July 27th, Dusk til Dawn
L&A County Dark Sky Viewing Area
7980 County Road 41, Erinsville

The L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area presents "Astrophotographers Assemble", an informal evening where night sky photographers - from novice to expert and everyone in between - are encouraged to come out and photograph the stars overhead. 

No events July 16 or July 20

Some time ago we had tentatively planned Apollo 11 50th anniversary astronomy outreach events.  Since then we found that the Moon does not rise nearly early enough for this to be the main focus, so we are NOT running any public outreach events on either July 16th or July 20th (the launch and landing dates).


Today in History

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