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Jupiter double shadow transit season!

Here’s a selection of favorable double shadow transit events this coming Spring for North America:
February 26th (Io-Europa) from 9:39-10:01 UT
March 4th (Io-Europa) from 11:32-12:38 UT
March 8th (Io-Europa) 00:28-01:56 UT
standard time ends and daylight saving beings on Sunday March 13  UT-5 hours before; UT-4 hours after
March 15th (Io-Europa) 2:21-4:34 UT
March 22nd (Io-Europa) 4:23-7:10 UT
March 29th (Io-Europa) 7:00-8:24 UT
April 5th (Io-Europa) 9:36-10:17 UT
April 12th (Io-Europa) 12:11-12:14 UT
May 7th (Io-Callisto) 4:38-5:44 UT

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