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Geminid Meteor Shower

GEMINIDS!  Meteor Activity Outlook for December 12-18, 2015
The Geminids (GEM) reach maximum activity on Monday morning December 14 when rates could exceed 100 per hour from dark sky sites.
From Lennox and Addington County:
The Geminid meteor shower is at its best December 13th/14th under moonless skies. This is one of the year’s finest displays and under ideal conditions can produce up to 120 meteors per hour. By “ideal,” we mean dark country skies (i.e. the L&A County Dark Sky Viewing Area), perfectly unobstructed horizons and the shower’s radiant positioned overhead. You can start your meteor watch as soon as it gets dark. Dress warmly, fill a Thermos with hot chocolate, set up a lawn chair facing east and enjoy the show. 

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