Membership Certificates

Note: The RASC discontinued the Membership Certificate around the turn of the millenium.

The membership Certificate was a minor award given to a member as a polite, public "thank you" in recognition for service rendered that has significantly contributed to the work of the Society and/or a Centre of the Society. The Certificate is given only by resolution of the National Council and shall normally be presented at the annual meeting of the Society or the Centre as appropriate.
Submission for this certificate should reach National Office for the October meeting in order that centres can receive them for their annual meeting.
To be eligible for the Certificate, a member must normally:

  1. be a member in good standing
  2. have been a member in good standing for at least five (5) consecutive years immediately prior to the date of nomination
  3. have rendered singular service of a well-defined nature to the society and/or a centre (or centres) over a significant period of time (examples: active service on the council or a committee of the Society or a centre; major benefactor to a centre and/or Society, etc.)
  4. not have received a Membership Certificate before
  5. members in good standing for 25 or more consecutive years shall be eligible to be nominated for a Membership Certificate even if the above criteria are not met.

The maximum number of Membership Certificates that may be awarded in a given centre in any one year shall be determined according to the number of members attached to the centre at the end of the previous year according to the folowing formula: < 50 members (5 certificates), 50-99 (8 certificates), 100-150 (12 certificates), over 150 (15 certificates). (amended 1999 March to 20 certificates).

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