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Hi;  I forgot how to join the chat.  Some questions about my pics tonight:  "Were they tracked?”.. MalcolmYes, most were.  The first night Polaris was in the clouds above the mountains so I could not do a polar alignment..there might have be a shot from that night.  Most of the others were tracked using the SkyWatcher Star Adventurer.The weakest part of the image tree (other than the fish head) was my little travel tripod. The first time I tried it was withmy 55-300 zoom which was just too heavy-  I could not keep the whole rig aligned, the slightest touch would jog it out.I scrounged a fairly solid end table and  levelled it all up with my smaller lenses;  the kit lens 18-55mm; 35mm; 55-200mm.Still experimenting with settings, most astro shots were ISO 1600 or 2000; F2 or F4; 60-120”.These are all AF-s DX lenses for my Nikon D5500 camera.  Like I said I travel light with just my camera backpack and a carry-on for my flip flops, shorts & t-shirts etc.  30C+ and clear every day. Snorkelling daily.  Ate too much...Stacking?  I’m a Mac-head and not much available… I bought Starry Landscape Stacker (bundled with Starry Sky Stacker)and am just learning how,  Magic!  I shot 2800 frames over the week so there’s a lot of data to mine. About 1/3 were astro pics.SLS & SSS are easy to use and fast- I only choked my iMac once in processing many frames.  Next I will try Pixinsight althoughfrom first glance it seems very deep.  I do use Pixelmator as my main image processing program (NO subscription)-love it.THANK YOU for all the help from club members.  I’m just a newbie stumbling to keep up but thoroughly enjoying the learning.Peter

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