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RASC Kingston Centre Meetings

1960s Historical Index

Note: Coverage is extremely incomplete because the Centre's collection of newsletters for this period is non-existent, and the Centre's annual reports to the national society for 1967-1970 appear not to have been made.

Meetings were held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.

1961 Calendar of Events

January 19

About 20 students and members of Queen's University Faculty met in Room 221 Ellis Hall on Thursday, January 19, 1961 at 7:30 p.m. The chair was taken by Dr. A. Vibert Douglas, Professor of Astronomy, and a past-president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, who outlined the history and purpose of the RASC. After presenting a description of the Handbook and the Journal of the Society and mentioning the annual fee as $5.00 per year with a special rate of $3.00 per year for students, the chairman called on Dr. George Harrower to explain the facilities of the Observatory. He suggested that members might be invited to observe with the large and the smaller telescopes one evening a week with the guidance of a graduate student in Astronomy. From time to time public lectures might be arranged. After most of those present indicated their desire to form such a centre and join the Society, the chairman gave an illustrated address on Telescopes and the Universe They Reveal.

After the lecture, 9 of those present paid the membership fee and a tentative announcement was made of an informal observational meeting to be held in the Observatory on Thursday January 26.

The meeting then adjourned.

[Ref: Regulus Jan-Feb 1986, p1]

March 9 A meeting (the fifth for the group) was held in Room 221, Ellis Hall, to elect the officers for 1961. Those elected to executive postions were as follows: Honorary President: Dr. A.V. Douglas; President: A.K.F. Turner; Vice-President: M.R. Edwards; Secretary-Treasurer: F.M. Taylor. [Ref: Regulus 2001 Mar-Apr, pg 3.]
March 23 The Constitution for the Kingston Centre was approved at the second meeting in March. [Ref: Regulus 2001 Mar-Apr, pg 3.]

1962 Calendar of Events

No information.

1963 Calendar of Events

February 27 P. A. Jolliffe spoke on "Associations of Stars."
[Ref: Regulus 2011 Jan, pg 4.]
October 27 R. Flynn Marr spoke on "The 15-inch Telescope at Queen's."
[Ref: Regulus 2011 Jan, pg 9.]
November 7 R. C. Roeder, Ph.D. spoke on "Cosmology."
[Ref: Regulus 2011 Jan, pg 9.]

1964 Calendar of Events

...we have trained ten new members in the use of the Queen's University telescope (a 15-inch reflector) and, having all passed their tests, they are allowed to use the instrument whenever they have a free evening for telescope observation. Apart from this, various films on astronomy have been shown in our bi-weekly meetings, among which were the series of "Bell Telephone Hour" films, including "Cosmic Rays" and "The Sun." [Ref: Regulus 2011 Jan, pg 9.]

1965-69 Calendar of Events

No information.

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