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Leo Enright Prize

The Kingston Centre has long sponsored a prize in the Frontenac Lennox & Addington Science Fair. This award started out as the FL&A Science Fair Special Award (2008 and before), then became the Leo Enright Memorial Prize (2009-2012), and is now known as the Leo Enright Prize in Astronomy (2013 onwards).

  • Criteria for Award: The Award shall go to a project that relates to Astronomy and Related Sciences as presented at the annual Science Fair held in the Kingston Area.
  • Judging: The Awards Committee can assign a judge from the Committee, or request help from the membership.
  • Prize: $100 cash prize (2015 onwards), plus one copy of the Beginner's Observing Guide (or equivalent)

Are you thinking of entering the FLASF 2021 Science Fair?  (March 22nd-26th)

For starter ideas please check out our 2021 poster here

Prize Winners

2020 Science Fair Award Winner - no award this year - cancelled due to COVID19

FLASF 2019 - Earth Field Flip Out

  • Students: Kepler Diak , Micah James
    School: Polson Park Public School

FLASF 2018 - award not given - no entry in the astronomy or related sciences

FLASF 2017 - Galactic Jello: A model of gravitational waves

  • Student: Joshua Dove
    School: Kingston Christian School

2016 Science Fair Award Winner

  • 1st Prize Project: (2219) Quantum Interference
    Student: Finn Ferrall
    School: Calvin Park Public School

2015 Science Fair Award Winner

2014 Science Fair Award Winner

  • 1st Prize Project: Measuring the refraction indexes of light when passing through different substances
    Students: Donna Gao and Naomi Tian
    School: Calvin Park Public School

2013 Science Fair Award Winner
The top Astronomy project was on black holes by Robin Pianosi (Ernestown Secondary School). She is a grade 11 student and has been interested in Astronomy since she was a child. She had a very sophisticated knowledge of the universe and black holes in particular. She had read lay summaries of Steven Hawking and Einstein views on relativity, and derived models of curvature and singularity that one could grasp—including marbles and pliable sponge surfaces to illustrate her points. I was totally impressed. Her summary (see below) was very well written and inviting to both lay and experienced persons. --Bruce Elliott.

FLASF 2013 - Space and Time Warp: Ultimate Abyss

  • Student: Robin Pianosi
    School: Odessa Public School

FLASF 2012 - Could Humans Colonize Mars?

  • Student: Caitlin McAllister
    School: Polson Park Public School

FLASF 2011 - Gyrating Gyros

  • Student: Emma Mclean
    School: Martello Enrichment School

2010 Science Fair Award Winner

Robin Pianosi (Odessa P.S.): I chose Moon Shadow as our prize recipient. The eclipse display included plenty of research and some elegant little models that produced the shadows necessary to demonstrate the phenomena. Regulus Jun 2010, pg.5.

FLASF 2010 - Moon Shadow

  • Student: Robin Pianosi
    School: Odessa Public School

2009 Science Fair Award Winners

  • 1st Prize Project: Once Around the Sun—Participant ROBIN PIANOSI (Odessa P.S.)
  • 2nd Prize Project: Global Warming—Participant HART ANDRIN (Vanier)

2007 Science Fair Award Winners

  • 1st Prize Project: Is it a Good Day in Space?—Hassan Saleem and Brandon Whitley (Centennial P.S.)
  • 2nd Prize Project: Signaling Out—Jacob Coy (Loughborough P.S.)

2006 Science Fair Award Winners

  • 1st Prize Project: Is it a Good Day in Space?—Sam Gregory (Calvin Park P.S.)
  • 2nd Prize Project: Impact Craters—Alexandria Cudre-Mauroux (Sempar School)

Past years' prizes provided for:

  • 1) First Prize - a RASC Youth membership with Certificate of Achievement. This would be in the form of a letter with what the incumbent would receive as what a membership includes. Possibly also the current month of SkyNews, or a Star Atlas (this is optional)
  • 2) Second Prize - A Beginner's Observing Guide, plus a certificate of Accomplishment.
  • 3) Third Prize - (If required) A current year Observer's Calendar (if available) or other small book, plus a Certificate of Accomplishment.

2005 Science Fair Award Winners

  • 1st Prize Project: IMPACT L'HORIZON—Kateri Massey-Allard (E.S.C Marie-Rivier)
  • 2nd Prize Project: The Moon and Our Weather—Desiree Dusharm and Zoe Kopp (James R Henderson P.S.)

2004 Science Fair Award Winners

  • 1st Prize Project: Mars - Tough on Technology—Kristen Smith
  • 2nd Prize Project: Time Travel—Rebecca Smith


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