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June Special Meeting

Hi All:

The postponed June meeting of the Kingston Centre will be held tomorrow Thursday June  27th  from 7-9PM in Room D214 of Mac-Corry Hall, Queen's University.
This month's meeting will include:  Several of us will have reports from the RASC General Assembly and AAVSO meeting the weekend before last – lots of excitement there and some important information to share with the membership (not just dry business reports!)  We'll be showing results from the ISS transit across the disk of the Sun which went across the local area on Sunday.  Kevin Kell's going to try to inject some more fun into the meeting with a hand's on exercise on the scale of the solar system.  And of course we'll end with an exciting collection of observing reports from members.
Upcoming Events
GA/AAVSO Reports
Scale of the Solar System Exercise
ISS Solar Transit
Observing reports
A group of us meet regularly for dinner before the meeting – starting between 4:30 and 5:00PM until about 6:30 at the Sports Tap and Grill, Queen's Inn on Brock between Wellington and Bagot. Please join us!
I hope we'll see you at the meeting!
Rick WagnerPresident, RASCKC
Upcoming Events:
 Jul – Earth at aphelion – 152,104,285km9 Jul – Saturn at opposition14 Jul – Pluto at opposition m=14.216 Jul – Full Moon18 Jul – asteroid 410 Chloris occults UCAC4-339-08701428 Jul – S δ Aquariids meteor shower peaks31 Jul – New Moon – very old crescent Moon (<24hrs before New) in the East just before sunrise
1 Aug – very young (<24hrs) crescent Moon in the West just after sunset5 Aug – asteroid 1201 Strenua occults TYC 5716-354-112 & 13 Aug – Perseid meteor shower peaks15 Aug – Full Moon24 Aug – Moon passes through the Hyades (predawn)28 Aug – Moon closing in on the Beehive (predawn)30 Aug – New Moon - very very young (~12hrs) crescent Moon after sunset10 Sep – Neptune at opposition

Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 19:00

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