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ISS Transits of the Moon and the Sun

Are you interested in observing or imaging the International Space Station going across the Moon or the Sun?
Look no farther than the website
For instance it shows a pass of the ISS over the moon on Sunday 2018 July 29th at 01:09:54 EDT for approx 1.3 seconds in a line running NW to SE from Plevna to Gananoque.
For the sun, ensure you have a safe solar filter for viewing or imaging!
There is an ISS transit of the Sun on Wednesday 2018 August 01 at 19:59:40 EDT for  4.2 seconds on a path running WNW to ESE from Madoc to Gananoque.  You will need a good western horizon for this one as the sun is only 4 deg above the horizon.

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