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ISS Pass 2019-02-10

Date Brightness Start Highest point End Pass type
(mag) Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
10 Feb -2.0 17:54:25 10° WNW 17:57:26 33° SW 18:00:27 10° SSE visible

Data from

ISS pass in strong twilight. 130.96s exposure (1/3s shutter speed) taken with the NightCap app on my iPhone 8. The FOV is only enough to capture about half of the pass, so you have to point the camera with that in mind. The image didn't overexpose because it is made up of a whole bunch of 1/3s sub-exposures which it stacks and shows in real time on screen during the capture sequence. Very cool. In the original 4kx3k image the ISS trail shows as a dashed line when I zoom in on it. The effect is like that given by those mechanical rotating shutters they used to use on meteor cameras.

There are two breaks in the ISS trail: one when a phone call was received (decline button pushed right away!) and a second (smaller) break when the voice mail notification was received. This is not a problem I would have anticipated! Hopefully using "Do Not Disturb" will solve this in future photo sessions.

ISS 2010-02-10

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