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Observer's Handbook 1965

Observer's Handbook 1965
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THE OBSERVER’S HANDBOOK for 1965 is the 57th issue. The astronomical phenomena month by month are now described in words instead of by the symbols traditionally appearing in all editions since the first one in 1907. Information on the satellites of Saturn has been included, and the order of material has been slightly re-arranged. Two new features of this issue are a table giving the central meridian and terminator longitude of Mercury, prepared by Geoffrey Gaherty, Jr., and a table of the strongest radio sources, prepared by John Galt, Officer-in-charge at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, Penticton, B.C.

Cordial thanks are offered to all individuals who assisted in the preparation of this edition, to those whose names appear in the various sections and, in addition to those mentioned above, to David Crampton, Barbara Gaizauskas, Douglas Hube, Ian McLennan, Maude Towne, Isabel Williamson and Dorothy Yane. Special thanks are extended to Margaret W. Mayall, Director of the A.A.V.S.O., for the predictions of Algol and the variable stars and to Gordon E. Taylor and the British Astronomical Association for the prediction of planetary appulses and occultations.

My deep indebtedness to the British Nautical Almanac Office and to the American Ephemeris is gratefully acknowledged.

—Ruth J. Northcott

Observer's Handbook

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