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Donations, Donations, Donations

Greetings, happy holidays and donations.
If you happen to be going to Thursdays Holiday Dinner and are thinking or making a donation to the RASC-KC and our outreach program, then would be a good time.  I hear a rumour that the ***Treasurer*** will be there and would be more than happy to accept cheques and other pieces of coloured paper for the cause.
Donations are made for the calendar year and are eligible for a CRA Tax Receipt.  Our CRA Registration #: 827905720RR0001
You can look us up at
If you are unable to make Thursdays dinner, you can also donate via the website
and if renewing your RASC membership, through:
Both of these organizations will pass on your donation to us with a slight credit-card-fee-percentage off the top, but you can use credit cards with them whereas we directly can take only cash or cheques.
A brief reminder of where the donations go:
* KFLA Science Fair prize is astronomy $100 plus a Beginners Observing Guide
* Handouts, lunar maps, star finders, astro trading cards for:
* Annual Science Rendezvous at the KRock Centre with Queen's & RMC Astro,
* monthly Queens Observatory Open Houses,
* occasional Girl Guide and Boy Scout events.
* Assistance to bring in occasional invited speakers for our public meetings/lectures.

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