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Board Member volunteers needed

The RASC Kingston Centre governing Board of Directors is nominally  7 persons elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting in the fall.
If there are vacancies the Board can appoint members to those vacant positions.  Currently we have some vacancies that you might want to consider:
Vice President: A low impact position that entails backing up the President to run Regular meetings.  This is a good starting get to know the ropes position.  This does NOT commit you to becoming the President next term! We do not have a succession system in place at all.
National Council Representative: Represent the Kingston Centre with the National Council, provide feedback in both directions at 2 to 4 meetings a year, attended virtually/remotely.  Good if you love adminitrivia/politics!
Editor: Our current Editor has been on the job for many years, and would like to step down and have a new perspective brought to the position of producing Centre newsletters.  All past issues are available on the website.  Reproducing exactly the structure, style and content that exist is not necessary, but rather whatever software production model the person is familiar with.  Some content that will be included is minutes of the regular meetings, information from members of the Board and their portfolios, National Council and the RASC itself.  We would be hopeful for up to 12 issues a year but would be more than happy with 4-6/year.

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