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Service Award 1986: Leo Enright

Leo was honoured on Sunday, June 29, 1986, during the General Assembly in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Leo Enright has been an active member of the Kingston Centre and of the R.A.S.C. for more than 10 years. During this time he has acted with energy, enthusiasm and great distinction in each and every post on the Centre's Executive. He is particularly appreciated for his excellent editing skills on Regulus, the Centre's bimonthly newsletter. Leo has built his own observatory and is a keen observer and astrophotographer, sharing at every meeting the results of long hours of observing. He is indefatigable in sharing his wide knowledge and observing skills with beginners and experienced observers alike. His work as National Recorder is familiar to members of the Society. He travels to local Provincial parks, the Scout camp and youth groups to give talks and share his large collection of slides to reveal the splendour of the heavens with binocular and telescope. This sustained and selfless service to astronomy is recognized by the presentation of this Service Award.

Reference: JRASC Vol.80, No.5, page 294.

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