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This honour was bestowed on Sunday evening, June 29, 1986, during the General Assembly in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Warren C. Morrison became interested in astronomy at a very early age and through the years has observed regularly with binoculars and small telescopes. He joined the R.A.S.C. in 1973 as an unattached member and, since 1979, has been associated with the Kingston Centre. He joined the American Association of Variable Star Observers in 1974, having developed a particular interest in the observation of variable stars. He is a graduate in Physics from Trent University, Peterborough.

In 1979, he was awarded the Ken Chilton Prize of the R.A.S.C., primarily for his discovery of Nova Cygni 1978 on September 9 of that year. Since that time, he has continued to make substantial contributions to variable star astronomy. Since 1979 his output has risen to more than four thousand observations each year, an achievement which places him among the top few A.A.V.S.O. observers worldwide. Furthermore, he observes a variety of variable star types and produces observations which are regarded by the A.A.V.S.O. Headquarters as being of consistently high quality. On January 26, 1985, he made yet another notable contribution to astronomy by discovering an outburst of the recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi. He also serves as a coordinator in the International Halley Watch.

Reference: JRASC Vol.80, No.5, page 294.

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