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Douglas Award 2007

2007 Award: Walter MacDonald

(Written by Hank Bartlett)

This astronomical verse is of a universe, where this A.V. Douglas winner roams,
It's all about observing achievements and observatory domes.
A variable observer this member is and that does not mean indifferent,
It means the searching of the sky, for stars variably luminescent!

We now take this story to its root and a young man with a dream,
To trek the sky from low to high and record what he has seen.
1980 he started this trek, and across the sky did navigate
heavenly sights on available nights, with his new C8.

Just 4 years later on this spot an observatory he did build.
And there he looked and searched the sky until many log books he had filled.
For astronomical help and fellowship other astronomers he did seek.
And through the years as Librarian, National Rep, and President he did speak.

What else you ask has this man done with his astronomical life?
Everything possible to avoid an astronomical wife!
Aperture fever, eclipse expeditions, the Ridiculous, and CCDs.
Building robo domes and web sites just to mention a few of these.

Technology has now changed the game and he can observe while he does sleep.
And if anything out of the ordinary happens Merlin lets out a peep.
But some observing takes a trained eye, no other way it can be done.
And leads to the discovery of SUPERNOVA 2007cf in MCG +02-39-21!

By now many of you know the universe that in the first line was written.
It's "Walter's Universe" and it is no curse that by the astronomy bug he was bitten.

Ladies and Gentlemen: 2007 A. Vibert Douglas Award winner Walter MacDonald.

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