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Douglas Award 2005

2005 Award: Norm Welbanks

Is it a meteor, is it a bolide, is it an asteroid........No its our newest winner of the A. Vibert Douglas award. This award is the highest award from the Kingston Centre that can be bestowed upon someone. The A.Vibert Douglas award is named after the founder of the Kingston Centre. The award is for service, including longstanding dedication, contributions to the Centre or the Society, or for an astronomical achievement. This award is intended to be presented and recognize the contribution and or achivement by a member of the Centre.

Norm Welbanks He makes sure that the members are entertained every month, and gets us our speakers, though that is part of the job, he never gets to enjoy them because he is either on the road or getting ready to hit it. In his spare time, and from what his wife says isn't much, he scours the websites for the Kingston Centre for utlitmate deal so we can all enjoy the new filters, eyepieces or focusers.

We see him now and then as he pops out for air now and then, and he shows us his new scopes.....when he observes with them, but not as much as he likes, but he makes the dark sky trips to Nirvana, or to his own observatory. He makes it to the star party social gatherings to see what is new on the field, and try to wangle a deal there.

Our winner tonight, has been a member since January 1996. We hardly ever see him, but he is there, he is the phantom, the avid astronomer and observer, the blurried eyed helper on the KAON decks. Who jumps to help no matter what you doing? The man with the green laser!

He is a kind, courteous, friendly and a true friend, volunteer above the call of duty and above all follows the Astro Rant.......

Reference: Regulus, Dec 2005, pages 1 and 3.


Presented by Hank Bartlett.

I am not an astrologer
or a fortune teller,

And I don't live in a gypsy wagon
or own a crystal ball,

I don't know Jimmie, Sally or Suzie from the psychic hotline
although I am certain they are really, really, weird.

Duh, I have a (list all Norm scopes)
Equatorial Newtonians
not a fig newton.

I speak my own tongue not the tongue of those who are deceased,
and I say "Bo├Âtes" not Boots.

I can proudly mount my scope in my yard,
I have DARK SKY!
I believe in minimal lighting, not security floodlamps,
eyepiece observing not CCD imaging,
and that the Dobsonian is a truly noble and simple mount.

A toque is a dust cover, a chesterfield a meteor observing platform,
and it is pronounced Schmidt, not shit, Schmidt.

Canada will have one of the smallest telescopes in orbit, but has the only
arm, and the United States would not have gotten to the Moon in '69
without us.


Please help me congratulate the 2005 winner of the A. Vibert Douglas award Kingston Centre's highest award, that truck driving, phantom, rocker and astronomer skyguy "Norm Welbanks".

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