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Douglas Award 1999

1999 Award: Thomas Dean and Laura Gagne

Dr. Tom Dean has been an active participant in 1999 and past years. In 1998 he was chair of both the observing and ATM committees. He negotiated the acquisition of the 24" mirror blank, and has contributed to the organization, design and grinding. He has also helped with the Youth Group, as well as organizing the Public and members-only observing sessions. The public sessions in particular are well attended, and have resulted in several new members to the center. For Tom' efforts in many areas, and his contribution to the growth of the Center, we present this award.

Laura Gagne is Vice-President, chair of the education committee, and past co-chair of the youth group. She is editor of the Students Guide to Careers in Space, and Expanding Their Universe - The Ontario Teachers Companion To Grade 9 Astronomy. Laura has also participated in many observing sessions, mirror grinding, and other Kingston Center activities. As a result of her efforts, the Kingston Center produced a seminar for Secondary School teachers to introduce them to Astronomy. For Laura's many and varied efforts, her contribution to the growth in membership and finances, we present her with this award.

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