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Douglas Award 1994

The following is the text of the citation prepared and read by Centre President Walter MacDonald on the occasion of the award presentation (at the October 14th, 1993 Annual meeting?):

[1994] This year's winner of the A. Vibert Douglas award has, true to the spirit of the award, made very substantial contributions to the operation and well-being of the RASC Kingston Centre. For the past several years, she has spent many hours keeping the centre's finances and correspondence in order, writing beautifully worded annual reports summarizing the centre's activities each year, booking the meetings with Queen's University, handling Observer's Handbook distribution and membership renewals, and much, much more.

I am speaking of none other than Kim Hay, of course. Kim has served the centre for three years as Secretary and is embarking on her third year as Treasurer. In fact, Kim actually held both the positions of Secretary and Treasurer simultaneously during 1993! There are few people indeed that could handle such a tremendous responsibility as this, but Kim not only handled, it, she excelled at it. More recently, Kim has taken on the task of managing the Society's promotional items, and in doing so, has raised the profile of the Kingston Centre at the National level of our Society.

As you can see, Kim's influence has been greatly felt throughout the Kingston Centre over the past few years. But I should mention also that her influence is felt not just in "normal" space. Through her operation of the "Moonlight Cascade BBS" (a member of the RASCNet), Kingston Centre members have yet another venue in which to pursue their hobby: in "cyberspace!"

In summary, Kim Hay's enthusiasm, hard work, and good humour have enriched the centre tremendously, and it is with great pleasure that I present the 1994 A. Vibert Douglas Award to her.

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