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Douglas Award 1987

1987 Award: Hein Van Asperen

See also: Regulus, Jan-Feb 1988, pp.1-2.

The following is the text of the citation prepared by your editor and read by our Centre President on the occasion of the award presentation at our December Annual Meeting.

Mr. Hein Van Asperen has contributed generously and enormously to the Kingston Centre over the past number of years. He has served for three consecutive years as Alternate Council Representative or National Council Representative, and in the current year he is serving as the Vice-President of the Centre. His presence has been felt in a very positive way because of his contribution at National Council. Hein has made numerous presentations at meetings of our Centre in order to share his knowledge and expertise with other members of the group. He has for years been an active solar observer, and his remarkable drawings and precise observations of sunspots and solar activity from day to day have often added considerably to our observing reports. The night-time sky, also, has been the target for many of his observations, as he puts to good use his Questar telescope. A solar eclipse expedition in 1984 was an additional special event that he experienced and reported to our Centre.

His high-precision calculations and methodical procedures for solving complicated problems of positional astronomy have become well known. Indeed, some of his calculations for the solving of age-old navigational problems were worthy of the attention of our naval authorities.

At three of the past General Assemblies there have been exceptionally good entries of his in the display competitions, all of them constructed with the diligence and care for detail which Hein puts into everything that he does. In addition, at one of the General Assemblies, he presented a well-received paper outlining his work in solving a classic navigational problem. Readers of our Society's National Newsletter have also recently noted an article of his concerning eighteenth century telescopes built by Jan Pieters van der Bildt.

Hein's contribution to our Centre has involved considerable time and effort. Only a few members of our Centre members have to drive as far as he does in order to attend our regular monthly meetings; yet, Hein misses very few of them. Indeed, he is one of the most eager supporters of Astronomy Day activities and the numerous other ventures undertaken by our organization.

For these and other reasons, we are proud to present the Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Award, themajor award of the Kingston Centre, to Mr. Hein van Asperen.

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