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Douglas Award 1985

The following is the text of the citation which was read on the occasion of the first presentation of our Centre's new award, the Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Award, which was presented by our National President, Dr. Roy Bishop at our twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations [January 23, 1986]. The winner, as most of our readers know, was our hard-working president, David Stokes.

[1985] All the members of the Kingston Centre are aware of the fact that Mr. David M. Stokes has provided excellent leadership as president of the R. A. S. C. - Kingston Centre over the past two year. He is the type of amateur a astronomer who quietly thinks about methods of improving our meetings and the ways we do things as a group and then sets about the task of carrying out those plans all the while doing the job in an effective and unassuming way.

He is a person who is always eager to share his special interests in astronomy. Over the past two years he has assisted the staff of a camp site in organizing its plans for building an observatory. He has himself observed the sky in many different countries through which he has travelled, and on several occasions has sent back correspondence about what it was like to observe the stars in some of the very distant regions of the globe.

Most of all in recent years he has used his computer to do many kinds of calculations involving astronomy and spherical mathematics. His special interests are the calculations of orbits of solar system objects, and in this area he has done some amazing work which rates with the best in the country. Many times he has shown his eagerness to share his computer knowledge and resources to help other members of the Centre and the Society.

His special interest in Astronomy Day and all the Centre's activities has meant that he has given up a great deal of his own free time to assist the group. As well as being president for two years, he has for a number of years been our Centre's librarian.

The members of the Kingston Centre, therefore, are proud to have David Stokes as our president and think he is a most worthy first recipient of the Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Award.

Congratulations, David! Your hard work, service, and dedication to the Centre are appreciated.

Reference: Regulus, Mar-Apr 1986, p3-4.

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