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KC Annual Report 2017

Reports of the Kingston Centre Executive and Committee Chairs

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AGM of the Kingston Centre of the RASC, November 9, 2017
Ellis Hall, Room 324, Queen's University, Kingston, ON

  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of 2016 AGM Minutes
  5. Reading of the Annual Reports:
    • President
    • Secretary (report and approval )
    • Treasurer
    • Library
    • NAC Representative
    • Editor
  6. Centre Elections:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
  7. Appointment of Auditor
  8. Adjourn with thanks


President Rick Wagner welcomed the members and guests to the January meeting. Rick also talked on Astrometry and gave several links to many websites and programs that can be used. Member Bruce Elliot who recently retired said he took Dr. Dave Hanes Astronomy 101 and enjoyed it. Bruce then showed us his images of the moon, Venus, Mars. Bruce is using as DSLR Camera on a tripod.

February had members and guests treated to a viewing of the BBC Sky at Night Episode 1. Member Stephen Craig talked on his observatory and how he is imaging . His goal is to image all the Messier and Caldwell objects.

In March we had Ottawa member and LPAC Chair Rob Dick giving a talk on Light Pollution and Scotobiology. The topic covered the advancement in lighting and it's effects on the environment.

The University was using Ellis Hall for exams in April, so interested members still met for dinner, and with the idea of going to Lake Ontario Park for an observing session.

This month also held the Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Science Fair on March 30th and 31st. Member Dr. Bruce Elliot and Rick Wagner helped to judge the event. The winner of the Leo Enright Award for Astronomy was Joshua Dove of Kingston Christian School. He won with his project called "Galactic Jell-O-A model of gravitational waves". Joshua used jello and marbles to mimic the production of waves as they travel through space. Joshua received a copy of the Leo Enright copy of the BOG and $100.00 cash. He also received a special mention in the Intermediate category.

We had many interesting talks in May from members ranging from Camera and tripod setups for astroimaging, to a talk on the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona. Brian Hunter gave a talk on Satellites, while Leslie Roberts observed and imaged the Virgo Ghosts that were in April's Edition of Sky & Telescope. Ontario Telescope donated a copy of Explore the Universe written by past member Brenda Shaw. This was presented to our youth member Devon Graham Ancsin.

June's meeting had us discussing up- coming Star Parties, Star Fest, and Fall N Stars. Rick Wagner gave us a list of objects from Jupiter moon shadows Mercury and Venus for early morning observing . Members also presented several astro images of Planetary, Comet , Planetary Nebula taken from Minkowski's Catalogue and solar observations.

July and August was the summer shut down of the Centre. Some members from the RASC-KC attended the Total Solar Eclipse in August. Locations ranged from Wyoming, Kentucky, Nebraska and Kingston, Ontario. There were members from the RASC_KC along with Queen's University and RMC setup at Confederation Basin. All solar Eclipse glasses were handed out and there was estimation of around 300+ people showing up. Newburgh also had about 75 people show up to enjoy the partial eclipse. The clouds held off and those who traveled far or who were local, observed a very spectacular event of our Sun and Moon.

September's meeting was all about the Solar Eclipse and what people observed during the eclipse in their locations. We also held Fall' N' Stars in Thomasburg, Ontario with the RASC Belleville Centre. We had 30 people in attendance on Sept 22-24th, the hottest days of September with daytime temperatures reaching 33C. There were two nights of clear weather, a lot of dew falling throughout the nights , and great talks on Saturday afternoon. Thanks for all the door prize donations and awards. Everyone had a great time.

October had the Centre's members and guest's learning on how imaging taking over the years from different camera's and telescope setup's along with processing images has been a steep learning curve. As they say practice, practice , practice. Every observing session is a lesson learned. We were treated with a talk on the well researched purchase of a telescope ( Takahashi 7.4 FC-100D) The telescope needed to be easy to setup, and to use. That is the best telescope there is, one that is used. Well done Paul, and we hope to hear of your great observing nights.

November is the RASC-Kingston Centre's Annual Meeting. We also have three positions up for Election. President , Vice President and Treasurer. After our Elections and Annual Meeting we will be holding talks from our members.

December will have the Centre members going to the Mandarin Restaurant for the Christmas Banquet.

We helped Queen's with the KAON sessions this year. The nights consisted of great talks at Ellis Hall then trips up to the observatory with the occasional observing sessions when the sky cooperated.ome nights there was observing. Susan Gagnon is the KAON Coordinator. Thank you Susan and all the volunteers who help out with this public event.

Throughout the year Queen's held various talks for the faculty and Students through The Physics Department which members could attend.

Next year we will be moving to a new room Ellis 319 while Room 324 gets renovated.

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Hay
Secretary RASC-Kingston Centre


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