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Secretary's Report 1996

1996 marked another successful year for the Kingston centre. The year started with the election of a new executive.

President: Peggy Torney

Vice President: David Stokes

Treasurer: Kim Hay

Secretary:John Baker

Library: Kevin Kell

Peggy immediately went to work booking speakers and we were all treated to many fine presentations over the year. Among the many talks: Peggy Torney spoke about the "Book of Hours", Laura Gagne gave a SETI presentation, Steve Manders talked about solar activity and its relation to Earth's ice ages, Bill Broderick showed us his meteorite collection, Judith Irwin treated us an account of her efforts to track down reports of a bright local fireball, Kevin Kell briefly discussed the new Martian space probes, and even I spoke about rolling your own astronomical computer programs. This is just a sampling of the year' talks.

In addition to presentations, many other members contributed slides, photographs and impromptu talks. Leo Enright and Mark Kaye showed off their excellent photographs of Comet Hyukatake, Laura Gagne showed us her first astrophotographs: they were very good.

Finally, at the end of year, Kevin Kell was presented with an award for his outstanding contributions to the club during 1996. Kevin published the newsletter, managed the centre's web site, gave a talk, ran the library, looked after the centre telescope, and so on.

1996, the year of Hyakutake, was a good year for the Kingston Centre. 1997, the year of HaleBopp, looks just as promising.

John D. Baker, Secretary


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National Council Rep

NC Meeting Reports:
Regulus, 1996 Mar-Apr, pp. 3-4 (1st NC meeting).
Regulus, 1996 Jul-Aug, pp. 3-6 (2nd, 3rd NC meeting).
Regulus, 1996 Sep-Oct, pp. 3-4.
Regulus, 1996 Nov-Dec, pp. 5-6 (4th NC meeting).

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