Annual Report 1995

Reports of the Kingston Centre Executive and Committee Chairs

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1995 was yet another successful year for the Kingston Centre: We had an exciting lineup of speakers at our meetings this year, the Centre was well-represented at events such as the Windsor GA and Starfest, and our members continue to be very active with the Society at the national level. To top it all off, the Centre has seen impressive growth in its membership!

I would like to thank everyone who gave a talk at a meeting this year. Speakers are a valuable resource giving even just a short talk is a significant contribution to our Centre. Supplementing our own local talent this past year were a number of out-of-town speakers. The complete list of meetings was as follows:

January Dr. Martin Duncan Origin of Comets
February Leo Enright All About Meteors
and How to Observe Them
March Dr. Dave Hanes Globular Clusters
April various Astronomy Workshop:
Telescope Night and Computer Demo
May Paul Boltwood The Boltwood Observatory
June Peter Ceravolo Through the Glass Clearly:
Getting the Most Out of Your Telescope
July John Gauvreau Atmospheric Phenomena
August Rob Dick Skies Over Parinacota:
Ecipse Trip November 1994
September various Members' Night
October Cathy Hall How to Observe Meteors
November Denise Sabatini Mithraic Origins
December Steve Manders Solar Collisions:
Their Effect on Earth

In addition to our regular monthly meetings, we had a special meeting on June 16th. On this occasion Terry Dickinson gave us a talk that was well illustrated with his spectacular astrophotography. This meeting was well attended by the general public, and Terry's talk was enjoyed by all.

Astronomy Day was held on Saturday, May 6. Thanks to Cathy Hall's energetic organizational efforts, Kingston Centre had two mall displays one in Kingston and one in Belleville. There was no shortage of display material or telescopes at these events, and they were both very successfUl! Thanks are due to everyone who helped out. Astronomy Day displays are an excellent way to bring new people into our hobby, so the work involved is well worth the effort.

The General Assembly was held in Windsor over the Canada Day weekend. It was a small (but fun!) affair, and Kingston had the biggest delegation in attendance! At one of the National Council meetings the Society gave official approval for Kingston to host the 1997 GA, so it's fUll speed ahead for our 1997 GA Committee! Peggy Torney, Denise Sabatini, and the rest of the GA committee will now be moving into high gear. Keep up the good work!

Besides the GA, summer brings with it the obligatory star parties. Our Centre was well represented at the Syracuse Summer Seminar and Starfest. Though there was only one night of clear skies at Starfest, even the clouds couldn't obscure an incredible bolide that passed overhead! Those who saw it won't soon forget it!

A number of Kingston members continue to be active nationally. Continuing this trend, Bill Broderick was named Chair of the RASC's Light Pollution Committee. Congratulations Bill!

At this time I would like to give special thanks to some people in particular: Kim Hay and Kevin Kell have worked hard developing materials such as our New Member's Package. Kevin Kell has set up a WWW page for the Kingston Centre. Cathy Hall has helped me find many speakers for our meetings. Leo Enright filled in for me at a couple of meetings where I was absent or late (after all, the show must go on!). I would also like to thank the entire Centre Executive for their generous help and hard work during my two years as President. I couldn't have done it without you!

In conclusion, the Kingston Centre has seen steady growth over the last few years and has a bright future ahead of it. With the approval of our 1997 GA bid, the excitement and activity levels should continue to build throughout 1996! I encourage everyone to get involved it's a great time to be involved with the Kingston Centre!

Clear Skies!
Walter MacDonald.


The Kingston Centre meets on the second Friday of each month in Room B201 of McIntosh-Cory Hall at Queen's University. Our centre enjoyed many interesting speakers during the year: A list of their speakers and their topics follows:

  1. Origin of Comets by Dr. Martin Duncan, Queen's University
  2. All About Comets and How to Observe Them by Leo Enright
  3. Globular Clusters by Dr. David Hanes, Queen's University
  4. April Meeting, a workshop with telescopes and computers
  5. The Boltwood Observatory by Paul Boltwood, Ottawa Centre
  6. Through the glass Clearly: Getting the Most Out of Your Telescope by Peter Ceravolo, National Second Vice-President
  7. Atmospheric Phenomenon by John Gauvreau, Hamilton Centre
  8. Skies Over Parinacota: Eclipse Trip November, 1994 by Rob Dick, President, Ottawa Centre
  9. September Meeting was members' night with illustrated talks and slides by Cathy Hall; Summer Star Parties by David Stokes; New Moon Visibilities by Leo Enright; slides including some of the 1995 G.A.
  10. How to Observe Meteors by Cathy Hall
  11. Mithraic Mysteries by Denise Sabatini
  12. Annual Banquet; What Caused the Ice Ages? by Steve Manders

Cathy Hall convened Astronomy Day displays at Quinte Mall, Belleville, with Peggy Torney supervising the Kingston Displav at the Cataraqui Town Centre. A public star party was held on a playing field at Queen's University.

We very much enjoyed hosting a special evening with Terry Dickinson on June 16th.

The national General Assembly was held at Windsor, Ontario, and nine members of our centre attended. It was confirmed that our centre is to host the 1997 G.A.

Many of our members enjoyed the various star parties and shared their slides and experiences with our society. Some were speakers at other events: Leo Enright, at Huronia Star Party; Terry Hicks at Saskatoon Centre; Peggy Torney and Denise Sabatini conducted a session at Brookvalley School; Judith Irwin, at an SAS meeting in Syracuse, New York.

The Kingston Centre has enjoyed an active and informative year.

Ruth E. Hicks, Secretary


Membership fees $5,110.50   $2,553.75   INVENTORY COST
Life Members Grants $129.60   $115.20   1995 Calendars $36.00
Donations $228. 63   $216.95   Toques $30.00
Educational Activites $0.00   $0.00   Solar Filters $14.00
Interest $1.76   $30. 15   JR Bogs $47.50
US Exchange $672.26       Tneck Sweater $20.00
Advertising $0.00       TOTAL $147.50
Travel Grants (GA) $165.60   $363.29
Sales-old Jr. Bogs $5.00       MONEY IN BANK
Sales Jr BOGS $38.00   $85.00   ACCOUNT AS OF
Sales of Obs Hndbks $119.00   $102.00   SEPT 30, 1995 $3,452.65
Sales of Calendars $52.00   $127.45
Sales of Promo Items $20.00       TOTAL ASSESTS $3,600.15
Sky & Tel mag. programs $345.98   $83.58   AS OF SEPT 30, 1995
Astronomy mag. programs $206.96    
Miscellaneous $0.00   $802.75
Total Revenue $7,095.29   $4,480.12
Library $26.78   $340.44
Newsletter Expenses $434.24   $413.43
Photocopying $245.29    
Postage $385.07   $138.81
Publicity $0.00   $233.86
Fees remitted to National $3,285.54   $1,188.00
Travel Grants (GA) $165.60   $363.29
Rental of Equipment $27.95   $212.92
Office Expenses/Supplies $123.19   $306.37
Educational Activities $0.00   $178.92
Awards/Donations $423.23   $118.94
Loans to GA Fund $100.00    
Re-imbursement Sky & Tel $301.59   $68.05
Re-imbursement Astronomy $232.79    
Purchase of Obs.Hndbks $71. 16   $60.99
Purchase of Calendars $120.38   $104.35
Purchase of Jr. Bogs $144.50    
Service Charges (Bank) $2.50   $15.00
Phone Calls $32.96    
Total Expenditures $6,122.77   $3,743.37
Net Profit (Loss) $972.52   $736.75
Kingston Centre-RASC
October 12, 1995

National Council Rep

NC Meeting Reports:
Regulus, 1995 Mar-Apr, pp. 3-4 (1st NC meeting).
Regulus, 1995 Sep-Oct, pp. 3-4 (2nd, 3rd NC meetings at GA).
Regulus, 1996 Jan-Feb, pp. 5-6 (4th NC meeting).

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