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Reports of the Kingston Centre Executive and Committee Chairs

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As my year as president of the Kingston centre draws to a close, I would like to share a few thoughts with the members.

The year began with a bit of a step backwards, as mother nature decided to unleash the worst snowstorm in memory, causing a cancellation of the January meeting but, by February all was rolling nicely, and I began to feel quite comfortable in my new role. Despite the fine programs presented by our guest speakers, my favourite part of the evening was listening to the observing notes and finding out what was going on in the lives of the members. I find that the most difficult part of the job is putting together a schedule of programs for each month. Sometimes, I wonder if I will be able to keep even one or two months ahead of time, but so far I've been blessed with good luck, and I hope that the past year's programs have been both interesting and enjoyable. I have been pleased to welcome several new members to our Centre, and I hope that they have been pleased with the quality of the programs presented, and the information they have picked up along the way.

I would like to think that my efforts in getting students interested in astronomy have not been in vain, and that in future, even more young people will join our Centre, or join an astronomy club at their local school. I cannot stress more strongly the need to get youngsters interested in astronomy. Our future as a viable, vital, and growing organization, as it has been so often pointed out, lies with our younger generation.

I must offer thanks to several people who have been invaluable in their assistance over the past year. First, Denise Sabatini, who right after last year's election, fed me suggestions for programs. I thought this was most appropriate since we were holding our monthly post-meeting meeting at Harvey's. Thanks also to Bill Broderick who, as editor of Regulus, has restored our newsletter to a newsworthy publication, and has been after me constantly to get my information to him on time. To Stan Hanna, for his Astronomy Day efforts to get display material and people to help out; and thanks to Leo Enright who has faithfully served for the past three years as our Representative to the National Council and now moves on to a much needed rest.

I look forward to a continued relationship with the RASC - Kingston Centre.

Respectfully submitted,

Ian Levstein


The Kingston Centre had a very exciting and busy year with eleven executive meetings, twelve regular meetings, guest speakers, the N.F.C.A.A.A. Conference and many other exciting happenings.

Alister Ling, noted deep sky observer, writer and meteorologist, came by on March 26th, 1991 and enlightened us with a talk and slides on deep sky observing. Alister and his wife Valerie now live in Edmonton, hopefully still enjoying his passion of deep sky observing.

Our Astronomy Day celebrations, which were held at the Kingston Shopping Center on April 20th, included visual displays, hand on displays, books, literature and, of course, lots of telescopes. Our observing session for later that evening was cancelled due to rain.

The Kingston Centre hosted the N.F.C.A.A.A. Conference on May 4th. Leo Enright took the group on a tour of the Holleford Crater, located just outside of Hartington, Ontario. Later that evening, a dinner was held at the Holiday Inn with guest speaker Dr. Martin duncan. His topic, "Chaos in the Solar System," provided us with another look at the many theories that are present in astronomy. Old friends were reacquainted and new friends were made. A good time was had by all.

The national General Assembly was held May 17th-20th in Vancouver. Several members from Kingston attended.

Leo Enright informed our centre that David Levy had just discovered his twelfth comet on June 4th. A card and letter of congratulations was sent on behalf of everyone at the Kingston Centre. Our one and only "planet party" was held on June 15th at Lemoine Point. This was held due to the coming conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Mars. As usual, the weather did not fully co-operate, however a few photos were taken of that memorable night. Also, another accessory was purchased for the centre's scope, a Telrad. We now have a finder that works!

Charleston Lake was the location for our meeting on August 16th. This was in conjunction with Terry Dickinson's annual star party at which the Kingston Centre helps out. Many scopes were there and Terry's talk with slides provided much information. Views of Saturn, the Ring Nebula and meteors from the Perseid meteor shower shone brightly in the sky. There were a fair number of people out to observe. It seemed to be a success despite the poor weather earlier in the evening.

Our September 8th meeting was Member's Night. Congratulations and kudos were given to Steve Manders who received his Messier Certificate. His feat was started on August 15th, 1989 and completed May 14th, 1991. another grand happening to our centre came on September 26th when Damien Lemay, President of the R.A.S.C., came and gave a talk on "Astronomy, Hobby or Science." Many slides were shown of the Sun, his observatories, telescopes and various star fields.

On October 11th, our president, Ian Levstein, presented this year's recipient of the Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Award to Bill Broderick, our newsletter editor. Terry dickinson also stopped by this evening and donated an autographed copy of his new book, "The Backyard Astronomer's Guide" to the Kingston Centre. Elections for the 1992 executive offices and committees were held and all positions were filled.

Our executive meeting for the December 13th meeting was cancelled due to the centre's Christmas dinner which was held at McGinnis Landing. Our regular meeting went on as usual with Ian Levstein giving a wonderful talk on the music of the spheres, combining music and science. Quite an appropriate talk for this time of year.

This concludes the year at the Kingston Centre so far. Congratulations to our current executive for a job well done, and congratulations for the new executive coming in to serve our Kingston Centre for the coming year.

Kim Hay, Secretary


Year End Treasurer Report
Kingston Centre - RASC
Revenue 1991 1990
Membership Fees 1617.00 1593.25
Life Members Grants 80.00 80.00
Donations 51.25 43.00
Educational Activities --- ---
Interest & Dividends 14.19 11.09
Sales of Handbooks 43.34 10.00
Advertising 191.55 141.55
General Assembly (incl. Travel Grants) 274.85 ---
Miscellaneous 923.11 19.75
Total Revenue 3195.29 1898.64
Fees Remitted to National Office 821.44 704.25
Library --- ---
Meetings and Newsletters 552.97 230.72
Annual Dinner Net --- ---
General Assembly (incl. Travel Grants) 274.85 ---
Office Administration 305.64 222.86
Equipment and Supplies 39.64 46.33
General Expenses and Audit --- ---
Educational Activites --- ---
Insurance --- ---
Awards and Donations 66.66 231.29
Operating Expenses - Observatory 169.98 105.00
Miscellaneous 844.11 96.69
Total Expenditures 3075.28 1637.13
Surplus or (Deficit) on Operations 120.01 261.51
Centre Treasurer: Peter Kirk
Date: 11 OCT 91



Report missing (web only).


As 1991 draws to a close, I can look back over my first two years as Editor of Regulus with considerable satisfaction. The work, if I can call it that (it's really very much a pleasure!), has settled pretty well into a routine. The format and style are fairly simple--as long as the material is there, Regulus practically puts itself together!

Fortunately, we've had an ample supply of submissions, thanks to contributors such as Leo Enright, Terry Hicks, Walter MacDonald, Ian Levstein, John Griese III, David Stokes, Hein Van Asperen, and others. (On occasion, I've slipped something in myself, or "borrowed" from another Centre's newsletter.)

A special word of thanks to Walter MacDonald for his steady production of "The Celestial Observer" cartoons. Please keep them coming, Walter!

Also, I want to thank you all very much for presenting me with the Dr. A. Vibert Douglas Award for my work on the newsletter. I am deeply gratified indeed.

Respectfully submitted
Bill Broderick

National Council Rep

NC Meeting Reports:
Regulus, 1991 Mar-Apr, pp. 4-5 (1st NC meeting).
Regulus, 1991 Jul-Aug, page 4 (2nd, 3rd NC meetings at GA).

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