Annual Report 1989

Reports of the Kingston Centre Executive and Committee Chairs


1989 was, as the previous year, a very exciting and interesting time for the Kingston Centre of the R.A.S.C. Our year got off to a start with a visit from Michael Csuzdi and a presentation of his theory on Repulsion Forces in Planetary Landmasses, leading to continent formation. Next was a visit from a local writer and amateur astronomer Terence Dickinson, who spoke of a recent visit to Australia and showed slides taken from the southern hemisphere. March saw a slide show and talk from our president, Denise Sabatini and husband Leo Enright, on a winter trip to the Kennedy Space Centre. In April Denise spoke to us again, on the ancient cultures of the Mayas with regard to astronomy.

In May Walter MacDonald showed us an astronomy program he has on his computer, which among other things, contains the N.G.C. & S.A.O. catalogues. June was an open discussion aboutlight pollution, followed by a slide presentation from Stanley Hanna. In July, Leo showed a series of slides of the Voyager fly-by of Jupiter & Saturn to whet our appetite for its coming encounter with Neptune. August was a very interesting month with a visit from Mike Jefferson of the Hamilton centre giving us tips on buying a telescope, the total lunar eclipse, member David Levy co-discovering yet another comet. Comet Okazaki-Levy-Rudenko 1989r, and the famous Voyager fly-by of the planet Neptune.

September was members' night to present anything they wanted, and we had a good selection of photos and slides. October saw Joady Ulrich present "Astronomy on Canvas", with highlight of the month being the Centre co-sponsoring a visit and talk from Clyde Tombaugh the discoverer of Pluto. November was special, as we were visited by our National President Dr. Lloyd Higgs, who spoke to us on Radio Astronomy. December came, and so did our annual business meeting and another visit from John Griese'III speaking on two recent visits to Hungary and what amateur and professional astronomers are doing in that country. So, as you can see 1989 held lots of enlightening speakers, great slides and photos, new discoveries, and good fun!


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